University of Wisconsin-Madison

PhD candidate in Economics and Finance, 2020-present

New York University

Nondegree student in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 2018-2019

Grinnell College

BA in Economics and Physics, 2014-2018

Honors in Economics

Research Positions

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Research Analyst, Research Group, International Economics, 2018-2020

Research analyst in International Research under Gianluca Benigno, Jan Groen, Tom Klitgaard, Hunter Clark, and Jeff Dawson. Worked closely with economists on active academic research. Wrote Matlab implementations of econometric models, derived and coded DSGE models. Was the primary RA in charge of International Economic Analysis policy briefing. Has led to a coauthorship, a blog post, and two additional forthcoming blog posts, detailed below.

Medical College of Wisconsin

Economics Intern, Patient Care and Outcomes Research, 2017

Summer Intern in the office of Patient Care and Outcomes Research under Liliana Pezzin, PhD. Performed STATA regressions, generated CART tree analysis, manipulated large volumes of data and created summary analyses. Led to two coauthorships and a poster presentation, detailed below.

Grinnell College

Mentored Advanced Project Researcher, 2016

Performed independent research in Computational Astrophysics with faculty adviser Professor Charlotte Christensen. Wrote and debugged code, analyzed data, formed meaningful conclusions. Led to a poster presentation and coauthorship (in prep), detailed below.


Groen, J. J. J. and M. B. Nattinger (2020). Alternative Indicators for Chinese Economic Activity Using Sparse PLS Regression. Economic Policy Review (forthcoming).

Neuner, J., A. B. Nattinger, T. W. Yen, E. L. McGinley, M. B. Nattinger, L. E. Pezzin. Temporal trends and regional variation in the utilization of low-value breast cancer care: has the Choosing Wisely campaign made a difference? Breast Cancer Res Treat 2019 Jul;176(1):205-215

Kong, A. L., A. B. Nattinger, E. L. McGinley, M. B. Nattinger, L. E. Pezzin. The influence of socioeconomic status, tumor characteristics and patterns of breast cancer care on breast cancer specific survival among elderly women. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2018 36:15 suppl, 6557-6557

Papers in Preparation

Christensen, C., A. Brooks, F. Munshi, N. Arredondo, P. Sheehan-Klenk, M. B. Nattinger, J. Bellovary, K. Tremmel, T. Quinn, J. Wadsley. Properties of the Circumgalactic Media Around Dwarf Galaxies. (In prep).

Poster Presentations

Yen T. W., J. M. Neuner, M. B. Nattinger, E. L. McGinley, A. B. Nattinger, P. Laud, L. E. Pezzin. The Impact of Choosing Wisely on Utilization of Ine ective or Unproven Breast Cancer Care. March 2018 Society of Surgical Oncology 71st Annual Cancer Symposium, Chicago, IL.

Nattinger, M. B. and C. Christensen. Angular Dependence of the Circumgalactic Medium. January 2017 American Astronomical Society semiannual meeting, Grapevine, Texas.

Other Writing

Groen, J. J. J. and M. B. Nattinger (2020). A New Indicator of Chinese Economic Activity. Liberty Street Economics (forthcoming, blog).

Clark, H., J. Dawson, and M. B. Nattinger (2020). How Impulsive Is Chinese Credit? Liberty Street Economics (forthcoming, blog).

Higgins, M., T. Klitgaard, and M. B. Nattinger (2019). Who Pays the Tax on Imports from China? Federal Reserve Bank of New York Liberty Street Economics, November 25, 2019. News coverage by Reuters, Business Insider, and MSNBC.

Significant Community Activities and Achievements

New York Cares

Team Leader (Volunteering), 2019

Grinnell Soccer Club

Volunteer Assistant Coach, 2016

Boy Scouts of America

Eagle Scout, 2013

High School Honors and Activities

  • National AP Scholar
  • National Honor Society
  • National Latin Exam Magna Cum Laude or higher, 4 years
  • Varsity soccer, Roy Keane Award for inspirational leadership
  • Marching and concert bands, drumline captain